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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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nothing in your file that verifies that. >> right. i do not know specific conversations between people, just conversations that i have and documentation that there was a side inspection. supervisor campos think that: again, are pretty : again, thesy serious issues, and i think it would make sense for the department to have the interview income to the committee with verification that it took place. there is one thing about gleaning information from a document, but another of are really sitting down with the applicant and really having that the road heading. -- that thourough vetting. supervisor wiener: given the issues that it does been raised, i would like to ask the attorney to come up and to
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address and clarify. >> yes, supervisors, -- supervisor wiener: i just want to make one point. be sure your below speaker card filled out to make a point. >> i did send an e-mail to explain the conversion process. i know mr. reeder read it. i have asked derek to put it in parts of the permanent record, which is my response to the protest celt of the market is in this location. the double rainbow pending
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license, which shows that 48, and if i could have the overhead, the license was transferred on 47-382816. it will go into the record. to get back to the 2086 license, it is vimla inc. that isthe website was down. i was trying to get a copy of the 219 form, but there is an abc form. any license can be converted for the cost of $100 of the time of transfer. people an audience who i
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believe was just up there. he has converted 47-48 and could testify it happens all the time. it is a $100 fee. what happened of this particular instance is the license available at the time was a type 47416 and harris said. the license was purchased at the time of the abc application an extra $100 charge call the conversion. that is how we have of 48. there was also questioned in the south of market business association protest. there was a letter that went out this morning from south of market business association with trying to protest after they found more information.
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here are the licensed documents if you want to look at them. they are in yellow. i am not that with my presentation. there was a question. on this particular matter, i did not. i can get by licensing supervisor on the phone to explain it all. supervisor campos: i would say
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that if someone is going to present information here today, i think they should do it in person. we want to have of the road discussion, and i think we owe that to the public. >> i would like to object, because we are asking does this particular licenser of the public for the city and county of sanford says go? it does not have to do with the as the abc have a certain process or does not. i think we're getting away from what the actual issue is before the chair. figure. supervisor elsbernd: ok, any additional public comment cards? i'm going to start calling members of the public to make public comment. public comment will be limited to two minutes. the way it works is when you
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have 30 seconds left, you will hear a soft shell. the louder bell means that your time is up. if a member of the committee has a question for you, that can extend your time. i am going to call folks up. if you would please apply and upper so you can follow one after another. i would like to start with -- i apologize in a bid for butchering the names. eli speark, rebecca barth, anderrew, -- start lining up. megan miget, chriss footz,
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please let up. -- line up. >> good morning. first, i wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to come in on monday morning. i will be the general contractor and one of the owners of 398 wall street. general contractor, a builder, artist. it is pretty special to me that this is happening. i do not take it lightly. we will in aerospace that has 30 years of importance to a lot of members to the community and the
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gorton's to members of the community going forward. my understanding is there will not be an eagle again. white understanding is the traditions of legacy will continue and what form or another. it -- my understanding is the traditions and like is the will continue in one form or another. it is 30 years of like a seat. we are more that will lead and excited to continue that. what a better place to get that has the tradition of philanthropy? the eagle talon has been known as the linchpin of the music scene. what better place to inherit that a place that has that tradition? lastly, how to honor and continue the knowledge and history of that space. as a designer and builder, we
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will have to do it together. so if this goes forward, and i am responsible for going forward, it will be about is making it as open as possible. >> thank you. supervisor kim: it is true you were dedicated to the historical significance of this site, why is there no our reach done to the community sitting here today? >> that is an outstanding question and the real fault. basically we did not know we were going to get that space until three years ago. it was a deal. someone else was at the forefront. i have gone to know the landlord. eventually the deal fell through and he turned to our team.
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he said we need this money now, and you guys are more than qualified as builders and operators. literally happened immediately. and on a personal level, i had to reach out to all of the communities. uncle to a flown in for the last 30 years to visit the eagle looked at me like are you capable of operating such an important place? i reached out immediately to make sure that people were born to support me. now this is happening. to be honest with you, this is our first out reach. this has all happened very quickly. yes, the reason is it happened so fast, and it is not my intention to not do that or exclude by any stretch of the imagination. i am hoping it this goes the
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right way that we could work together. it is that wor condos, so it is going to be a bar, let's continue with the special bar and rock-and-roll see. i ready to hear the stories and support them and make great art and memorialize it. whoever is benefiting from this is losing on revenue. i am happy to continue that. supervisor kim: do you know what the site is known for? >> maybe that is a little dramatic, but my understanding is i do not know how you make a space be something. it is goingo be a bar, i would
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like to be the one to shepherd it into the future. supervisor campos: i appreciate your sincerity. i think that does come through. but i am committed to respecting the history of this kind of institution, even before i go down this path, and as you have said, it is a business deal, but for the community is more than just a business deal, why not take the time to do that out reach before you go down the path? why not take the time to actually understand before you start talking about taking over this kind of establishment and find out what the concerns of the committee are. why not do that before the fact so you avoid the situation where you were actually three weeks tried to close the deal? >> sure.
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for starters, i have not done this before. i have not taken over a heritage site before. the answer to your question is timing and still is. if it benefits everyone to have more time, i guess that is fine, but i feel like the process is happening now. i have been educated about human ashes. i have been educated about billions of dollars raised. i have been told this is really important, and i am hearing it, and that is all i could start to do. i can do my best to continue the process. it is not just about looking back, but if we're going to be doing this forward, also about forward-facing view. this is not just i have done my research, i get the point in
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been done. i seriously think the real goal is the next 10 years and everything going forward. neighbors, communities. that is how i see it. i really do apologize to everyone here for not reaching out more appropriately and sooner, but i do not plan on stopping here. i apologize. su." >> good morning, supervisors. we have the understanding we would have a little bit of time to present today, so i hope i can move forward by statement. afterwards, we hope mark can
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have a chance to present as well. first of all, thank you everyone for coming out today and giving me the chance to speak with all of you. i am one of the partners on this project. i understand the lgbt community is very concerned about our ownership, and i hope to learn more as well as clean up -- clear of misinformation going on out there. i think a good place to start in how we became the loesser's. we just to work iured it severas after hearing the landlord was unable to submit an offer in
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late june, we were told the person going to buy theng to an. we did not know it at the time, but later found out the previous buyer was a gay entrepreneurs or by the name of [inaudible] we knew the land board prepared -- prefer to have a tenant from the lgbt community. we were told the labor board needed someone who could close quickly because he had sick relatives depend on income and quality of operators we stepped up to the plate. on july 3 we signed the lease with expectations that the liquor license would transfer shortly thereafter. are erroneously we assume there had been community are reached done up to that point. as we later found out, something was wrong. in hindsight we definitely realized the process could of been better in wish we had
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reached out earlier so you could all come to learn the story in a more timely manner. better late than never. looking forward, we really want to work with the community and development of the former eagle to listen to your ideas and incorporate them. we know we have huge shoes to fill and tremendous like to see to honor, and we take this very seriously. we also know it was a beacon of civic engagement and have no plans to change that. we will continue to hold a beer bust and continue to hold events for reform causes such as hiv. in addition, we intend to bring back some of the important behan's. live music will remain an essential and vocal part of our business, and a plan on serving great-tasting drinks and are priced and an affordable price point with casual, friendly service. we wanted informal and approachable atmosphere that is
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conducive to eating and drinking. we both hope and expect many former patrons will return. we will be reliant on their patronage or in order to make the business work. at the end of the day we want to create a fund establishment with gay music that is neither a gay or straight bar, but just the eagles will not remaineda the same bar. regardless of who owns it. it was left in a very dilapidated condition. there are is major work that continues to be done. this is a project the require skilled operators to continue the challenge of renovating and opening the space. our team is exceptionally well poised to do so. our team is comprised of export
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erts. bruce macdonald, danny hay, eli spear with 10 years of experience of the business, and myself, a local promoter and fund-raiser. we believe this project will be a great benefit to san francisco, and that after breyer and a half of being closed, time to get the door open again. this will create jobs in support of local musicians and provided sentences go with an outdoor entertainment space. we ask the liquor license before word for full consideration of the end of the hearing, because further delay would be really expensive and a further setback. i could say the one last sentence. we plan on continuing dialogue with the community, and we would be happy to hold another forum for public input, if that is what is desired. thank you, and i look forward to
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hearing everyone's comments. professosupervisor kim: thank y. i understand the story with respect to the landlord. the previous record license that we had approved here on six straight, it just so you have a little bit of relevance, the owner of that site started are reachinoutreaching to our officx months ago, going to community meetings, meeting with the community, coming into my office almost -- this is extreme, on a weekly basis. contacting our office on a weekly basis. even with a large transfer like target, they reached out to months before the transfer took place.
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i am not sure why you assumed it was not afford to come to us earlier. even if you could not, in march or april, as soon as you learned he was selecting your team, why you did not immediately contact our office, the district supervisor? >> i do again apologize for not reaching out sooner. it was clearly a mistake. however, it is the landlord liquor license, and we assumed with the hearing -- i believe we signed on july 3, and it was six days later. we were very focused on construction and getting the necessary team together, legal documents, etc.. as i mentioned, we falsely assumed the dialogues have been happening during this whole time. that was our mistake. supervisor kim: even after i
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continue the item zero weeks ago, i have never heard from you or any other member of your team until friday morning. i am curious as to why that did not happen. also, why it had not begun with the community? >> we met someone in your office the week before. supervisor kim: you have not are read not outreached, and also wy you had not initiated meetings with the community. the community and neighborhood started their own meetings. you or any member of your team could have attended those. >> we were unaware some of those meetings were occurring. we have reached out to mr. allen. it is our believe this is ongoing dialogue, so the
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construction project is a long one and a lot of work that needs to be done. we have a lot of time to gather that input and really take it seriously. sometimes doing these projects, sequential projects, and truthfully the concept is still evolving, and we're working on the dialogue ourselves. we have not decided on exactly what we're going to do, so we still have time to take that. we of a lot of time. supervisor kim: i have to say normally the dialogue should happen before the transfer, and i agree there is plenty of time, and should happen before the transfer takes place. supervisor campos: thank you.
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i am wondering why it is you assume it was the landlord's responsibility to do this? i understand they hold a license, but if you are the ones and tried to take over the establishment. can you explain to me why you made that assumption. >> because it is the landlord;'s license, and we had assumed that out reach have been done, and furthermore, we were not a part of this deal until almost the end of june. we did not have much time to react ourselves. there is a lot of work that goes into signing a lease and getting together this group and creating an operating agreement. we have to move on a very tight time frame after the previous operator declined to purchase. supervisor campos: the question
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before us is one of looking at public convenience or necessity, but something you said i found really striking, and again, i understand there are many different establishments in san francisco, and i also appreciate the fact that there are many spaces where you want to see gay and straight people congregate, and there are many places for that. that said, you have heard in the different e-mails that have gone out, the various public comments that have been made, that for many of us in the lgbt community, this is hallowed ground. the eagle is part of our history, and establishment that has been an integral part in san francisco for so many years, and
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not just the lgbt community in san francisco, but abroad. so in light of that, i was really shocked that you would come here and say this is going to be neither a gay or straight bar. again, i think there are some cases where that is appropriate, many cases of beer that is appropriate, but when you're talking about taking over a clear landmarked and establishment that mean so much to this community, can you explain that? neither a gay or starighstraigh. what does that mean/ >> i was under the impression that any business owner could purchase of the establishment. have you been through the eagle tavern after it closed?
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supervisor campos: appointee you my point to you is -- >> my point is the previous owners were from the lgbt community, and they trashed it. i have some photographs. if you could bring those up. so as you can see, the place was destroyed and nearly unrecognizable. in some ways it is a clean slate, because obviously a
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considerable amount of work has to be done to get it back up to code and make it accessible. as far as being a gay or straight bar, i do not think it is up to us to dictate who can and cannot come to this been you. this then you will open its doors to everyone and welcome to everyone. i think that is all that is required. supervisor campos: there are the legal requirements that are part of this discussion that we will get into. i do not think any legal establishment can preclude anyone from going in. the great thing about gay bars in san francisco or anywhere is that anyone is welcome and a very important part of the culture, but the question is in terms of the focus, the vision, i want to know more about what you mean by neither gay or
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straight bar, because this is a gay late march that has meant lot to the community. i think i get the gist of what you're trying to do. supervisorr kim: i know you met with commissioner allan and tied to work in the community. did you meet with any neighbors? >> members of the team did, yes. i believe some of them will be presenting today. supervisor kim: who will be presenting? could you tell me -- theycould you tell me what theyl be presenting? >> our team red